Stephen in the Catholic Blogosphere

I’ll be adding to this when significant discussions of Stephen and religion take place at various Catholic blogs. I’ve got some links from the past year to include as soon as I get the time to flesh them out. In the meantime, let me link to one of the best summaries I’ve read recently. And let me just claim a bit of credit for some of the giving up sweets for Lent discussion that took place. I started the ball rolling on my other blog.



  1. Stephan, I have always enjoyed your show ,your humor and quick wit iswhat keeps me watching,I love that you love and stand up for our faith ,keep up the good work and God bless you
    Gabriel Herrera

  2. Hi there. Not sure if you are aware of this site, but Deacon Greg Kandra has a great little blog called “The Deacon’s Bench” and he’s compiled and indexed about 30 posts about Stephen Colbert! You should definitely take a look:

    Anyone interested in NYC Catholic churches, btw, should check out my own site at:

  3. wow – unfortunately misspelled my own site name! it’s supposed to be:

  4. Dunno if I can self-submit, but I do a more broad faith-and-culture WordPress blog called Marking Time, and have taken on Stephen numerous times the past few years. Not always about his faith… sometimes about such topics as the roots of his improv training at Second City in Chicago.

    Anyone looking for more can try here:

    Then do a search with SC’s name, and you’ll get at least a half-dozen choices.

    Thanks for this aggregation at CC/The Word, too. I’m sure I will be back and advised my handful of readers about your site earlier today.

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