The Colbert Report Chaplain

Looks like Jesuit Fr. Jim Martin has been upgraded from “friend of the show” to “chaplain.” Fr. Martin’s background in the financial world made him a perfect choice to explain why people seem to be flocking back to church in tough economic times (“and not just because communion counts as a meal”). It was an excellent segment and reminded me why I watch The Report “religiously” and also why I do this blog.


Heresy or just a lie?

The latest installment in “Yahweh or No Way” was definitely worth waiting for. The Super Bowl, the White House replica in Atlanta, and the pope’s reinstatement of Bishop Richard Williamson, one of a group of four excommunicated bishops of the Society of Pius X.
Undoubtedly the controversy will die down. The Vatican has clearly distanced itself from Williamson’s views. But I breathed a sigh of relief at Stephen’s decree on the decision.