A “respectful” wag to “your Popiness.”

Stephen’s still objecting to the Vatican’s efforts at going green. As usual the clip has a delicious mix of irreverence.


A Pope-pourri

RL deadlines kept me from blogging last week, so I’m going to pull everything together today, beginning with friend-of-the-show Fr. Jim Martin’s visit last night. He does have a knack for breaking Stephen out of character!

Here’s the clip from last Wednesday. At least when Stephen crosses the line of decency, it seems he has the grace to realize it:

And finally, from Thursday’s show, the six degrees of Barack Obama:

To put it all in perspective, here’s a little tidbit of an interview with Stephen in the Philadelphia Inquirer the weekend before the show’s run there.

The youngest of 11 children in Charleston, S.C., was raised in a devout Catholic family. Last year, O’Reilly – whom Colbert calls “Papa Bear” – was a guest on the Report, and called Colbert a “secular progressive.” Colbert, only partly in jest, replied that he’s “a deeply religious man who will do anything you say.”

Colbert’s love of role-playing grew, in part, out of tragedy. When he was 10, his father, James, and brothers Peter and Paul, who were closest to him in age, were killed in a plane crash…. Later, he had a crisis of faith. “I got pretty upset that Dad and the boys died, and didn’t have anything to do with my church for years. . . . But then I did, and the moments of reconnection and epiphany are too inexpressible to capture in this kind of an interview.” He’s not teaching Sunday school now because of his election-year schedule. “But I did go to Mass yesterday,” he says. “Does that count, Padre? I find it very calming.”

Now I’m going to go finish watching last night’s show to find out what happened to stage manager Bobby!

A Sunday School Story

Well, folks, in case you missed the news, Stephen has been snubbed by South Carolina’s Democratic party. They may have a point, but not much of a sense of humor. And it looks like the Writer’s Guild strike is set for Monday, which means re-runs next week. Just when I was wondering whether this would be a good time to do some site maintenance, friend-of-the-blog Truth tipped me off to a gem of a story. Site maintenance can wait.

Special thanks to Erin Ptah for letting me repost this from her 10/31/07 taping reporT.

During the Q&A before the show, as a follow-up to a question about his candidacy, someone asked, “What would be your first executive order?” Stephen’s response: “Uh … be kind to each other?”

And here’s the rest from Erin:

And then he told a story.

He didn’t teach Sunday school last year, because he was too busy with the show; but he substituted, and he was subbing on the last day before summer vacation — when the kids didn’t really want to learn anything. And Pope Benedict had just been elected, so they decided to hold a mini papal election.

He and his daughter made a paper-maché miter, with a glitter cross, and then he “very seriously” locked the door, put the key in his pocket, and told the kids, “Okay, nobody leaves here until we elect a Pope.”

They started by making a list of qualities that you should have to be a Pope: ‘knows the Bible’, ‘good person’, etcetera. “And nobody said ‘must be a man’, which made me happy.” Then it came time to vote, but one kid said “Hey, I’m gonna vote for me,” and another said, “I’m gonna vote for me!”, and it looked like trouble.

(Stephen digressed at this point to speculate that all the cardinals probably do this on the first round. “Hey, might as well, who knows, there could be a groundswell…”)

Daughter to the rescue: “Dad, make everyone vote twice.” That way they would all vote for themselves and someone else. The winner was a kid named Gregory (and his daughter had predicted “It’s gonna be Gregory, because he always knows all the answers in class.” Stephen’s daughter sounds like such a cool kid).

So they brought Gregory up to the front, put the miter on his head and the cloth over his shoulder, and said, “Now that you’re the Pope, you need to pick a name; what name are you going to have?”

And the kid goes, “Urban III.” (“He really knows his stuff!”)

What will be his first papal injunction? Gregory holds up his hands (here Stephen holds up his own for a moment, to demonstrate, and then brings the mic back to his mouth), and says, “Be kind to each other.”

At which Stephen went, “All right, that’s it, we’re done, everybody go home!”

Blowing the Pope’s book “out of the holy water”

Welcome back, Catholic Heroes! Looks like we’re back in business after a server crash, but I lost Tuesday’s post. I was rather fond of it, too. Here’s the clip from Monday’s show. And don’t miss the official website for I Am America (and So Can You). New on the site since Tuesday is a religion randomizer.

Stephen’s new book released on Tuesday. If you haven’t got a copy yet, the link over in the far right sidebar will take you through my Amazon Associates account. I’ll get few pennies to offer my hosting service in exchange for keeping the site on their servers and keeping their servers up and running. If you have to choose between the book and the audiobook, I highly recommend the latter. Stephen would of course want me to remind you that real heroes will buy both!

He’s woven the Bible and religion through much of the book, with of course an emphasis on why Roman Catholicism is the best. Don’t look for any character breaks of sincerity, though. It’s the “high status idiot through and through.” I’ll be back with some quotes in the days to come.

Wrist Strong

We here at Catholic Colbert have been in the midst of a heat wave but I’m back on track now. We’ve got a big feast coming up this week, but in the meantime, following Stephen’s request from Thursday night’s show, I offer this:


And here’s the clip from the show for those who missed it (and for anyone who did see the show, any ideas on why the clip got clipped?). I always have a favorite line and from this one it’s “This really gets a person thinking. Thinking about his wrist, which is so important in today’s culture of my having a broken wrist.” Stephen’s been at his solipsistic best this week.

Again with the red Prada shoes!

From Thursday’s show, Benedict earned a tip of the hat from Stephen for his ability to accessorize. (And a hat tip of my own to The Deacon’s Bench for being quicker off the mark than Catholic Colbert with this clip! But he is, after all, Stephen’s new deacon friend.)

Stephen’s Jewish Friends

As I was finishing up the preparations for my university debut, I came across this clip from last fall, and it seemed appropriate in light of interfaith reactions to Summorum Pontificum. Stephen has his own brand of Catholic-Jewish dialogue. As we’ve come to expect, he handles other religions with intelligence, class and a healthy dose of humor, much as he does his own Catholicism. We’ll have to wait till next week to see if Stephen has his own reaction to the Motu Proprio.

Here’s Jon’s response: