“Tell Old Pharaoh”

Wow! Last night’s Report was simply amazing. I may yet post all of it, but for now, here’s the closing piece. Ambassador Andrew Young was Stephen’s guest, and the middle segment was extended footage of the 1969 nurses’ strike in Charleston, SC. He pulled together so many things past and present and gave us such an incredibly intimate look at the way the WGA strike is never out of sight while the show is back on the air. If you saw the episode, you know what I’m saying. If you didn’t, find a way to see the rerun today. Go to the Comedy Central site if you have to. And maybe some of today’s Pharaohs need to be reminded of the real flesh-and-blood people who are at the heart of this strike, people who deserve respect for the work that they do.

The old spiritual reminds me that the words of Scripture and the exodus experience provide an archetype that can be applied in many different situations of varying degrees of seriousness. And that’s the beauty of the kind of satire that Stephen does. He can shift back and forth between silliness and seriousness and make a lot of subtle points that would sound ridiculous if pushed to extremes.

Edited to add:I decided I might as well put up the other two videos. You really have to see the whole thing to appreciate the effect.

Here’s the interview with Ambassador Young.


Merry Christmas!

Word is that The Colbert Report will be back on the air in some form as of January 7. I’m feeling more curiosity than enthusiasm for the somewhat truncated return. We can hope for a Christmas miracle to settle the WGA strike, which would mean the writers would be back as well. As the strike approaches 50 days, the impasse in the negotiations is increasingly frustrating. So many marvelous opportunities in the news that Stephen hasn’t been able to cover. Imagine, if you will, his take on this story.

Till then, I leave you with this card, which showed up a while back on No Fact Zone, via The New York Post’s Page Six.


While we’re waiting….

I found this on the United Hollywood blog. I couldn’t resist sharing it here. It just tickled my fancy on a Friday, especially since Scripture commentary is what I do when I write.

This Guy Gets It, Why Can’t the AMPTP*?


On Wednesday this man was holding his own, rather loud, protest. Then, he stopped shouting and asked what we picketers were protesting about. After hearing about the strike, he started a new chant: “Moses was a writer! Moses was a writer!”