Past Episodes

While some of the best Catholic episodes are currently lost to the Internets, a few that come up in conversation are still available. Certain regular features lend themselves to Catholic issues—The WØRD, Formidable Opponent and Threatdown in particular.

This could start getting really fun. The updated official Colbert Report website reputedly has the entire show archived. And in fact, I just went and looked for one of my all time favorite clips:

You always remember the first time! Here’s the first full episode I saw and wouldn’t you know it, it was the Constanti-Papal episode from last November that got so much attention at St. Blog’s. I just happened upon it when my iPod was new. I think we can overlook the difference between ecumenical and interfaith. Remember this was going to a general audience.

Here’s the Formidable Opponent segment on Stem Cell research:

And one of my favorite Lent episodes:

They just keep comin’ folks. Here’s the episode from Easter 2007. I may have to go back and add it to the original post as well.


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  1. Did you see the Colbert Report last night? Stephen recited the entire Nicene Creed during his “The Word” segment.

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