All Hallow’s Eve

I’m getting a jump on tomorrow’s holiday with some clips from past shows. The Holy Grail here is the show where Stephen reputedly reminded his viewers that the day after Halloween was a holy day of obligation and they better get to church. If anyone knows where I can find that clip, please let me know.

In the meantime, here’s a clip from the new Daily Show website, a past episode of the segment Even Stevphen:

And from one of the shows earlier this month, the War on Halloween:

Finally, a search of Comedy Central turned up a lovely (though unembeddable) clip comparing Halloween and Ramadan.

Now, here’s hoping for some new Halloween material tonight or tomorrow night, although that treat may be overshadowed by the “trick” of the impending Writers Guild strike. The contract is set to expire on the 31st.

Much more on the roots of Halloween, as well as All Saints and All Souls here.


Candidate Colbert’s hidden agenda

Characteristically, Stephen has discovered a way to turn his absurdity (and celebrity) to a good cause. Now that he’s running for president in South Carolina, he’s promoting an educational funding organization called Donors Choose. The organization is running a straw poll for presidential candidates, including Stephen Colbert. A donation of at least $10 will get you a vote for Stephen—and help a classroom.

Here’s the clip from his interview with Craig Newmark of Craig’s List if you missed it last week:

Will he seek the Catholic vote??

Ah, what to do with Stephen’s announcement that he’s going to run in the South Carolina presidential primary as a favorite son. He’s said he’ll be seeking both the Democratic and Republican nominations. I think I’ll let the clips speak for themselves. Too good not to share with my faithful followers, even though it will be all over the media today.

Make Me America

I’m having a great time with the Make Me America website. Hats off to Hachette and Electric Pulp for a great book launch site. Here’s my best photo so far, but I have great plans for the next few days. Go to CatholicColbert on flickr to see the other shots.

Blowing the Pope’s book “out of the holy water”

Welcome back, Catholic Heroes! Looks like we’re back in business after a server crash, but I lost Tuesday’s post. I was rather fond of it, too. Here’s the clip from Monday’s show. And don’t miss the official website for I Am America (and So Can You). New on the site since Tuesday is a religion randomizer.

Stephen’s new book released on Tuesday. If you haven’t got a copy yet, the link over in the far right sidebar will take you through my Amazon Associates account. I’ll get few pennies to offer my hosting service in exchange for keeping the site on their servers and keeping their servers up and running. If you have to choose between the book and the audiobook, I highly recommend the latter. Stephen would of course want me to remind you that real heroes will buy both!

He’s woven the Bible and religion through much of the book, with of course an emphasis on why Roman Catholicism is the best. Don’t look for any character breaks of sincerity, though. It’s the “high status idiot through and through.” I’ll be back with some quotes in the days to come.