“Riding the children and livestock bubble.”

This episode didn’t completely slip past me, although I confess I did sleep through most of it when it originally aired. I love the reprise of Stephen dancing behind Barney Frank. But the reason it’s here is a lovely shout out to The Book of Job.


Professional Catholic Rage

Stephen brought in Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, to rage at Rev. Hagee’s endorsement of John McCain. Sort of like a professional mourner?

Also, a housekeeping note on the site. The Motherload videos are no longer working, so I’m in the process of upgrading the links to the new Colbert Report website. The site looks like it’s going to be fabulous once they get the full archive up. I’m hoping that older episodes featured here that expired will be available again.

The Poprah (c) Stephen Colbert

No one goes from the sublime to the ridiculous quite as quickly or gleefully as Stephen Colbert, and last night we saw a great example of that. After last week’s moving tribute to his writers, this week he’s accusing them of murder and telling the world what he claims Catholics have always known but just didn’t tell.

So, without further ado, parts one and two of yet another case of “Muuuurrrrderrr.”

Candidate Colbert’s hidden agenda

Characteristically, Stephen has discovered a way to turn his absurdity (and celebrity) to a good cause. Now that he’s running for president in South Carolina, he’s promoting an educational funding organization called Donors Choose. The organization is running a straw poll for presidential candidates, including Stephen Colbert. A donation of at least $10 will get you a vote for Stephen—and help a classroom.

Here’s the clip from his interview with Craig Newmark of Craig’s List if you missed it last week:

Will he seek the Catholic vote??

Ah, what to do with Stephen’s announcement that he’s going to run in the South Carolina presidential primary as a favorite son. He’s said he’ll be seeking both the Democratic and Republican nominations. I think I’ll let the clips speak for themselves. Too good not to share with my faithful followers, even though it will be all over the media today.

Baptized Democrat

Stephen’s interview with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend about her book, Failing America’s Faithful: How Today’s Churches Are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way, Catholic families, the Our Father and the gospel message. I got the feeling that Stephen was getting caught up in listening and then “Stephen” remembered that he needed to say something. Interesting to watch the turns in the conversation.

Advertising faith

Silliness is a great way to point up the tendency to trivialize religion. Stephen tackled the Democrats’ predictably soft responses to questions about faith in an interview on The Situation Room, particularly Hilary’s discomfort with “advertising” her religious beliefs. His response? “Advertising your faith is easy: Jesus—now with 25% more peanuts. Was that so hard?” Ridiculous? Of course. But the perfect response to a forced and superficial discussion of faith and religion with the candidates just because someone (the media? candidates playing to the religious vote?) has decided that it should be a defining issue in the campaign. And in response to Hilary’s fluffy remark about praying to lose weight? “Senator Clinton, the Lord responds to all prayers, but sometimes his answer is donuts.” A bit of levity to remind us to keep our focus on the real issues. A leader’s faith can influence the decisions he or she makes. But the kind of faith that can do that isn’t going to be neatly packaged by the newsmongers. Other examples include Barack Obama’s consideration of just war and John Edward’s confession of being a daily sinner. Go watch the video clip.