Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! For your holiday viewing pleasure, here’s the clip of last year’s Easter Under Attack. The Gospel According to Cadbury. My favorite Easter clip, “The Wørd: Marketing” seems to be having some technical difficulties on the new Colbert Report website, but we’ve got 50 days of Easter so I’ll keep trying to retrieve it.


Catholic Colbert’s 15 minutes of fame

In which the humble custodian of this blog submits to photography and reveals her day job.

My local paper interviewed me about the blog and there’s a very nice article here. I even bought a hard copy of the paper, which I haven’t done in ages.

Happy Holy Week, everyone! Here’s hoping that someone out there is attacking Easter and catching Stephen’s attention.

Professional Catholic Rage

Stephen brought in Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, to rage at Rev. Hagee’s endorsement of John McCain. Sort of like a professional mourner?

Also, a housekeeping note on the site. The Motherload videos are no longer working, so I’m in the process of upgrading the links to the new Colbert Report website. The site looks like it’s going to be fabulous once they get the full archive up. I’m hoping that older episodes featured here that expired will be available again.