“I’m a Roman Catholic”—Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert and “Stephen Colbert” both self-identify as Catholics. And Catholic It-Getters are happy to count both of them in our company. I’ve been looking for a place that collects the many Catholic and religious references in the Colbert Report and various interviews, as well as a place to discuss these concepts as filtered through TCR. Not finding either one, I decided to be that place. And of course in the midst of the discussion, there will be plenty of time just to admire the brilliant and witty satire.

If you’ve found this blog, you’re probably already an It-Getter. Welcome. While you need not be Catholic, it may help with some of the terminology and the concepts. But we’re the friendly, welcoming sort of Catholics here, so feel free to ask questions. And because It-Getters are both bright and curious, I suspect we’ll be ranging into general religious discussions as well. Know that I have a fairly broad definition of Catholic, and a very low tolerance for judgmentalism. The only ground rule as we get started is to play nice. Remember that we’re ultimately talking about comedy here.

As I launch this site, I want to acknowledge in a special way the fine folks at the No Fact Zone, my absolutely favorite go-to site for information about The Colbert Report. They’re classy, professional and comprehensive.

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to contact me without leaving a comment, send an email to Diane (at=@) CatholicColbert (dot=.) com.



  1. Thanks for creating this site! One of my favorite things about TCR has always been the inclusion of religion (I first got hooked on the show when the word was “jesi.” Brilliant), and I’m always looking for discussions of that aspect of the show and wondering why more people don’t find it as interesting as I do.

    I love what you have so far, and I’m excited to see what there is to come.

  2. @ Althea. Wow, I missed that one. I’ll have to go looking for it. I’m hoping to do a gallery of links to some of the best religion shout outs on the show. I love the way the religious humor is so subtle and really grounded. He rarely goes for the obvious. Welcome to the conversation.

  3. Thank you for the site, Diane. Stephen Colbert has to be the coolest Catholic out there. Thank God for him and you!

  4. I didn’t know Colbert was a Catholic. But today, when he addressed Congress on immigration, and referred to migrant workers as “the least of my brothers”–Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! What else would he be, but a Catholic! You cannot dodge that early brainwashing! (Nor, would you want to?) 🙂

  5. Thank you Stephen, I’m so glad you’re here to say things like you can disagree with the church and still be Catholic. Thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy of those who claim catholicism but don’t even see the planks of the church that deal with social justice.
    I’m returning after a long trip away and there are still days when I wonder what the hell I’m doing but you do make it fun.

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