Pardon the Dust

Hello folks! It’s been a while. I’ve spent a good bit of the past few months trying to give Job a run for his money. As a result, the site is going through some reconstruction. I’ve moved it back to Regrettably, that move means sacrificing the lovely embedded flash videos and settling for some snazzy links back to Comedy Central has done a remarkable job of putting the full show archive online. I’ll go in and sweep up the debris bit by bit.

In the meantime, Stephen is over in Iraq this week, raising awareness of the war and support for the troops in his own inimitable way. There was a lovely line amongst the press coverage of the trip, highlighting once more the delicious ambiguity of Stephen and “Stephen”:

“Sometimes my character and I agree,” Colbert said in an interview at his Manhattan office before leaving for Baghdad. “My character and I both know the Apostles’ Creed and my character and I both think it’s a shame that we’re not talking about the troops anymore.”

The Catholic references both on the show and in articles here and there in the press have become almost commonplace. Although any mention still generates a goodly number of Google hits as people say, “Srsly?” It’s good when they can land here and look around a bit.



  1. Hi all,
    Just thought Stephen might be interested in knowing that tomorrow, a representative of the Vatican will arrive in Kansas to determine whether or not we’ll have a new American Saint — a Korean War Chaplain who won the Bronze Star!


  2. what do u think of your precious stephen now, eh?’re-that-funny-stephen-colbert/

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