A Pope-pourri

RL deadlines kept me from blogging last week, so I’m going to pull everything together today, beginning with friend-of-the-show Fr. Jim Martin’s visit last night. He does have a knack for breaking Stephen out of character!

Here’s the clip from last Wednesday. At least when Stephen crosses the line of decency, it seems he has the grace to realize it:

And finally, from Thursday’s show, the six degrees of Barack Obama:

To put it all in perspective, here’s a little tidbit of an interview with Stephen in the Philadelphia Inquirer the weekend before the show’s run there.

The youngest of 11 children in Charleston, S.C., was raised in a devout Catholic family. Last year, O’Reilly – whom Colbert calls “Papa Bear” – was a guest on the Report, and called Colbert a “secular progressive.” Colbert, only partly in jest, replied that he’s “a deeply religious man who will do anything you say.”

Colbert’s love of role-playing grew, in part, out of tragedy. When he was 10, his father, James, and brothers Peter and Paul, who were closest to him in age, were killed in a plane crash…. Later, he had a crisis of faith. “I got pretty upset that Dad and the boys died, and didn’t have anything to do with my church for years. . . . But then I did, and the moments of reconnection and epiphany are too inexpressible to capture in this kind of an interview.” He’s not teaching Sunday school now because of his election-year schedule. “But I did go to Mass yesterday,” he says. “Does that count, Padre? I find it very calming.”

Now I’m going to go finish watching last night’s show to find out what happened to stage manager Bobby!


The Po-o-ope is coming to town!

Looks like Stephen is all set for the Pope’s visit to New York. He’s got quite a welcome package prepared, right down to a baby to be baptized (son of Colbert Report writer Peter Gwinn). Whether the pope accepts or declines the invitation, it could make for some great comedy bits in the days to come.