Chased out of hiding!

Hello, apparently there are people out there! I’ve had a couple lovely conversations with people about Stephen and Catholicism in the past few weeks. The most recent found its way, in part, to The Huffington Post via Religion News Service.

I’m looking into sprucing things up here and restoring my long-lost and much-loved linkage to the video clips.

In the meantime, have a look around if you’re new to the site.


Hot off the Press

There’s a new Q&A with Stephen in Rolling Stone, and inevitably the question of religion comes up. Makes me think I really need to get back to updating things more regularly here.

Stephen Colbert on Religion

Would your family all sing carols on Christmas Eve?
Sure, we’d process through the house, and we still do it. My family is 50 people now — nieces and nephews and that sort of thing — and we process from the youngest to the oldest. The youngest puts the baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve and we sing “Silent Night.” It’s very traditional.

Does faith still play a big part in your life?
Very much. I am highly variable in my devotion. From a doctrinal point of view or a dogmatic point of view or a strictly Catholic adherent point of view, I’m first to say that I talk a good game, but I don’t know how good I am about it in practice. I saw how my mother’s faith was very valuable to her and valuable to my brothers and sisters, and I’m moved by the words of Christ, and I’ll leave it at that.

But you do teach Sunday school?
I teach the seven year olds. I’m the catechist for their first communion.

Hat tip to the completists at the No Fact Zone, who tirelessly comb the universe for all things Colbert.

Pardon the Dust

Hello folks! It’s been a while. I’ve spent a good bit of the past few months trying to give Job a run for his money. As a result, the site is going through some reconstruction. I’ve moved it back to Regrettably, that move means sacrificing the lovely embedded flash videos and settling for some snazzy links back to Comedy Central has done a remarkable job of putting the full show archive online. I’ll go in and sweep up the debris bit by bit.

In the meantime, Stephen is over in Iraq this week, raising awareness of the war and support for the troops in his own inimitable way. There was a lovely line amongst the press coverage of the trip, highlighting once more the delicious ambiguity of Stephen and “Stephen”:

“Sometimes my character and I agree,” Colbert said in an interview at his Manhattan office before leaving for Baghdad. “My character and I both know the Apostles’ Creed and my character and I both think it’s a shame that we’re not talking about the troops anymore.”

The Catholic references both on the show and in articles here and there in the press have become almost commonplace. Although any mention still generates a goodly number of Google hits as people say, “Srsly?” It’s good when they can land here and look around a bit.

The Colbert Report Chaplain

Looks like Jesuit Fr. Jim Martin has been upgraded from “friend of the show” to “chaplain.” Fr. Martin’s background in the financial world made him a perfect choice to explain why people seem to be flocking back to church in tough economic times (“and not just because communion counts as a meal”). It was an excellent segment and reminded me why I watch The Report “religiously” and also why I do this blog.

Heresy or just a lie?

The latest installment in “Yahweh or No Way” was definitely worth waiting for. The Super Bowl, the White House replica in Atlanta, and the pope’s reinstatement of Bishop Richard Williamson, one of a group of four excommunicated bishops of the Society of Pius X.
Undoubtedly the controversy will die down. The Vatican has clearly distanced itself from Williamson’s views. But I breathed a sigh of relief at Stephen’s decree on the decision.

Yahweh or No Way?

Happy New Year! We’ve got a whole new segment, folks, and it’s too much fun. I especially like the graphic for the “No Way” vote. And the reference to Joe the Deity!

“Can I Interest You in Hanukkah?”

This article in today’s New York Times on interfaith families celebrating the December feasts reminded me to put up the clip of Jon and Stephen’s duet from the Colbert Christmas special. I found it interesting that most of the couples interviewed in the article were Jewish and Catholic (as are Jon Stewart and his wife). Or maybe not all that unusual given the New York demographics…..

I love this song. It’s quite possibly my favorite from the special. Although I don’t think it’s quite fair that it focuses on the secular aspects of Hanukkah and the religious aspects of Christmas. But then that’s an underlying issue in this whole crazy time of year. Culture, commercialism, family traditions and religious roots get all jumbled together.

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