Yahweh or No Way?

Happy New Year! We’ve got a whole new segment, folks, and it’s too much fun. I especially like the graphic for the “No Way” vote. And the reference to Joe the Deity!


“Riding the children and livestock bubble.”

This episode didn’t completely slip past me, although I confess I did sleep through most of it when it originally aired. I love the reprise of Stephen dancing behind Barney Frank. But the reason it’s here is a lovely shout out to The Book of Job.

The Scandalous Gospel

Catholic Colbert has not fallen into a black hole after all. Last night’s interview with Peter J. Gomes has roused me out of oblivion. I’ve been a fan of Professor Gomes since he published The Good Book.

Watching him nudge Stephen out of character last night was simply delightful. The premise of his book is that Jesus shakes up the status quo. His message for contemporary readers is that too often we don’t want to be shaken out of our clinging to the way things are.

Take a look at their exchange. I’m off to the library to get a copy of the book.

Stephen’s Guest Gets Sunday-Schooled

Philip Zimbardo was on the show to talk about his book The Lucifer Effect and the Stanford Prison Experiment. He was on the Daily Show a while back and the discussion of social pressure and power over others was quite interesting. With Stephen, however, the conversation somehow got sidetracked into a discussion of the Garden of Eden and Stephen had to remind the good professor that Milton’s Lucifer isn’t the basis for Christian belief in hell. I found it especially interesting since Sunday’s first reading was the Garden of Eden story. It also reminded me of a discussion of hell and God’s love that Stephen had on NPR awhile back.

While we’re waiting….

I found this on the United Hollywood blog. I couldn’t resist sharing it here. It just tickled my fancy on a Friday, especially since Scripture commentary is what I do when I write.

This Guy Gets It, Why Can’t the AMPTP*?


On Wednesday this man was holding his own, rather loud, protest. Then, he stopped shouting and asked what we picketers were protesting about. After hearing about the strike, he started a new chant: “Moses was a writer! Moses was a writer!”


I admire Stephen like crazy when he uses his satire to make a point. Monday’s episode had me thinking long and hard about questions of timing and priorities and the demand to put gospel truth before institutions and rituals. And on Tuesday I did come across a fascinating quote from an interview with Stephen on CNN. He was talking about The Daily Show writing process and the way they were all news junkies and would come to the work day having read all the news of the day. He said, “For about five hours we’d scream at each other about the things in the news that were making us crazy and then we’d distill that rage into jokes so it didn’t come across as strident.”

Last night’s Report reminded me how much I love it when he finds a bit of silliness in the satire. The clip on the Vatican going carbon-neutral has expired, but don’t miss Stephen and John Mellencamp threatening to arm wrestle over peace and Bible quotes.

ETA: Apparently the Mellencamp video has expired as well.

The Gospel according to Stephen?

Still going through my archives. Today’s gospel is the Good Samaritan, and this clip from The WØRD came to mind.