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Nothing new in the realm of religion on the Report (Stephen has to talk about other things once in a while!). I was going to go hunting for a clip among my bookmarks, but I’ve been captured by a cult and I’m spending most of my time sitting on the porch petting it and feeling like Gollum (“So bright. So beautiful.”). Instead, for those who missed it a couple weeks ago, here’s a link to the incomparable Colbert University. Check out Theo 325 in the Electives and then come back here with comments. I’m working on a couple of new courses and I’d love some feedback.


Harry Potter Seclusion


“Hermione’s a dude, Voldemort is the ghost of Harry’s father, whose real name is Rosebud, and on the very last page Harry wakes up in bed with Susanne Pleschette.” –Stephen Colbert

Okay, folks, I’m going into Internet seclusion until I read the book. See you on the other side of the Deathly Hallows.

In the meantime, Stephen and The Report received four Emmy nominations this past week, and so I give you the clip “Kneel Before Your God


I admire Stephen like crazy when he uses his satire to make a point. Monday’s episode had me thinking long and hard about questions of timing and priorities and the demand to put gospel truth before institutions and rituals. And on Tuesday I did come across a fascinating quote from an interview with Stephen on CNN. He was talking about The Daily Show writing process and the way they were all news junkies and would come to the work day having read all the news of the day. He said, “For about five hours we’d scream at each other about the things in the news that were making us crazy and then we’d distill that rage into jokes so it didn’t come across as strident.”

Last night’s Report reminded me how much I love it when he finds a bit of silliness in the satire. The clip on the Vatican going carbon-neutral has expired, but don’t miss Stephen and John Mellencamp threatening to arm wrestle over peace and Bible quotes.

ETA: Apparently the Mellencamp video has expired as well.

Big Day in the Colbertoverse Today!

First of all, tonight we have the first new episode after Stephen’s two-week summer break.

Second, the No Fact Zone is celebrating its first anniversary. If you want to know anything that’s going on anywhere in the world, perhaps the universe, about Stephen Colbert, they’ll have it here.

And finally, NFZ is officially launching its sister site, Colbert University. This is the best archival collection for The Report on the web, and the creativity of the presentation is truly superstantial. My own course contribution can be found with the elective courses.

Colbert University Banner

The Gospel according to Stephen?

Still going through my archives. Today’s gospel is the Good Samaritan, and this clip from The WØRD came to mind.

Stephen’s Jewish Friends

As I was finishing up the preparations for my university debut, I came across this clip from last fall, and it seemed appropriate in light of interfaith reactions to Summorum Pontificum. Stephen has his own brand of Catholic-Jewish dialogue. As we’ve come to expect, he handles other religions with intelligence, class and a healthy dose of humor, much as he does his own Catholicism. We’ll have to wait till next week to see if Stephen has his own reaction to the Motu Proprio.

Here’s Jon’s response:

Stephen swings a thurible

“Stephen’s” tangled thurible chains are also interesting in light his claim here that he was an altar boy for 11 years. The Chris Hedges interview is good in its own right. Here’s part 1. And while Stephen (the actor) didn’t attend seminary, he did live at General Seminary (Episcopalian) when he first moved from Chicago to New York, according to this interview.