“Can I Interest You in Hanukkah?”

This article in today’s New York Times on interfaith families celebrating the December feasts reminded me to put up the clip of Jon and Stephen’s duet from the Colbert Christmas special. I found it interesting that most of the couples interviewed in the article were Jewish and Catholic (as are Jon Stewart and his wife). Or maybe not all that unusual given the New York demographics…..

I love this song. It’s quite possibly my favorite from the special. Although I don’t think it’s quite fair that it focuses on the secular aspects of Hanukkah and the religious aspects of Christmas. But then that’s an underlying issue in this whole crazy time of year. Culture, commercialism, family traditions and religious roots get all jumbled together.

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  1. I have to say, one point that the article addressed really hit home with me: the idea that you can’t have two religions. That’s a fact–I have a friend who comes from a mixed-faith family, and her and her siblings were raised Jewish, period. Their parents discussed it and decided that would be the way they were raised. Which, honestly, makes more sense to me than trying to reconcile two sets of beliefs.

  2. I agree that in interfaith marriages the parents must decide from the beginning in which faith the children will be raised initially. When the child is older, and will naturally choose whether and what to believe, they must have a good foundation to act on.

    One cannot choose to believe or not believe something if they have never been instructed in any belief system.

    I think that in order to be married in the Church, the non Catholic party must agree that any children be raised Catholic – That makes sense: be married in the faith in which you will form the children.

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