Stephen’s Guest Gets Sunday-Schooled

Philip Zimbardo was on the show to talk about his book The Lucifer Effect and the Stanford Prison Experiment. He was on the Daily Show a while back and the discussion of social pressure and power over others was quite interesting. With Stephen, however, the conversation somehow got sidetracked into a discussion of the Garden of Eden and Stephen had to remind the good professor that Milton’s Lucifer isn’t the basis for Christian belief in hell. I found it especially interesting since Sunday’s first reading was the Garden of Eden story. It also reminded me of a discussion of hell and God’s love that Stephen had on NPR awhile back.



  1. “You learned well in Sunday school.”
    “I TEACH Sunday school, motherf*cker!”

    good. stuff.

  2. ooooooh snap!
    oh colbert, always ahead of the game.

  3. did you see colbert last night? he said GD, and i was so shocked.
    should we email and complain? this is just so disappointing coming from him.

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