Crossed metaphors

You have to know your audience when you’re setting up a metaphor. On Monday’s show, Stephen was talking to the governor of South Carolina about the confederate flag that flies outside the statehouse and whether it represents slavery.

The governor said, “It’s like the crucifix. It doesn’t have Jesus on it, but for alot of folks….” and Stephen jumped in with, “Mine does.” And the governor said, “It does?!!” Stephen laughed and said, “I’m a Catholic. Biggest difference. Except for the pope. And that Protestants are heretics.”

(Now technically the governor’s metaphor was off on the wrong foot anyway, because without the corpus it’s a cross, not a crucifix.)

Because of the ongoing WGA strike, I’m not going to link to the clip, but I believe it’s up at Comedy Central. This was the first bit in the new shows that tempted me. And judging by the site stats from earlier today, other people caught it as well.


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  1. Technically speaking, that’s a simile, not a metaphor. Just to be a pain in the neck… 🙂

    I wonder how the governor intended to finish his comparison? I can’t see where he was going with that.

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