The Language of God

September and October are going to be big months in the Colbertoverse: A great interview in Vanity Fair, the Emmy Awards, the release of I Am America (and So Can You) and a whole set of new shows. Two things while we wait:

Head over to No Fact Zone and take a peek at the review scans of the VF article and some other tidbits of Stephen news.

And here’s a clip of one of my favorite “Science and Religion” pieces, the interview with Francis Collins of the Human Genome Project. I’ve got Collins’ book out of the library but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

Updated to add: Serendipitously, my blogging buddy Deacon Greg has a link to a new blog at Discover magazine on science and religion. In glancing through it, I noticed a further discussion of some of Francis Collins’ ideas.



  1. There was a very edifying interview with Dr. Collins a while ago on NPR, too

  2. I’m surprised that Dr. Collins is not up to date on The Shroud. The carbon 14 test was a schmozzle and didn’t properly date the Shroud at all.

    It is still possible, though can never be proven, that the Shroud was Christ’s burial cloth.

    Collins is a lot more charismatic than I pictured him to be. I think his “upgrade” piece on evolution was way too simplistic. If it was just upgrading, then Colbert’s assertion that God must have made mistakes isn’t rebutted. Evolution must also be a function of our fallen nature

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