Upside down and backwards

The Report is halfway through a two-week break and I’m killing the last hour or so before a three-day weekend reading some of my favorite blogs. Here’s my favorite Q&A from the Publishers Weekly interview with Stephen on his upcoming book, I Am America (and So Can You):

PW: What about the rumor that if you read I Am America backwards it’s the unreleased last book of the Left Behind series?

SC: Backwards and upside down. And you have to be able to speak Aramaic.

Guess I better work on my Aramaic before October…. Details on the books can be found through the link in the sidebar. The audiobook also promises to be more than worth the money if Wigfield is any indication.

Our heat wave has finally broken, rendering thought possible again, and with the long weekend I may start working on the next courses for Colbert University. Watch for some clips from the work in progress next week.


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