Stephen’s Jewish Friends

As I was finishing up the preparations for my university debut, I came across this clip from last fall, and it seemed appropriate in light of interfaith reactions to Summorum Pontificum. Stephen has his own brand of Catholic-Jewish dialogue. As we’ve come to expect, he handles other religions with intelligence, class and a healthy dose of humor, much as he does his own Catholicism. We’ll have to wait till next week to see if Stephen has his own reaction to the Motu Proprio.

Here’s Jon’s response:



  1. Oh, Diane, it’s great to see these again! This is the next best thing to the show rerunning ancient episodes – which I wish they’d do!

    In my research for the U, I came upon a press release from the show’s telecommunications provider (called VoiceNation – of course!), reporting that when this segment originally aired, thousands of people called in at the same time, and it shut down lines across the Eastern seaboard! It’s at

    Just another example of Stephen impacting the world!

  2. hehe! I didn’t know these were still on the Web site. Thank you for posting them.

    “I heard ‘I’m sorry,’ I accept your apology!”
    “SON OF A B*TCH!!”

  3. Have you seen the episode where he talks about the pope’s recent statement on other Christian denominations being defective? I really loved that one (to single it out a bit more, its the one where Steve says; “why don’t you guys get your own Pope to issue a statement, oh yeah thats right you don’t have a pope, your faith is defective”……..or words to that effect) if you know where abouts you can get can you let me know I’d much appreciative and will be a hoot with my theology class

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