Monkey Business

Hey folks, we’re into the second week of Stephen’s vacation. He was pitching ice cream back home in Charleston over the weekend. Less than a week till we get all new episodes.

I’m deep in research for the Theo 325 Course at Colbert University. (Extra points for anyone who “gets” the course number!) This clip from a show the end of March was too good not to pass along here.



  1. 325 AD – First Council of Nicaea!

  2. 325 has a meaning – oh my goodness, so clever! I had no idea!

    I just picked random numbers for the other courses (well, we do have a couple of ‘401’ courses) … might have to rethink that!

    Thanks for teasing our site, Diane. We welcome all our visitors from!

    for the CU team

  3. If there are any Strangers With Candy fans coming by, the periodic table at the end of the clip is also a poster in Chuck Noblet’s science classroom!

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