Girl bloggers rule!

Clearly Stephen’s sense of self-importance is contagious. After my fit of shameless self-promotion yesterday, I’m following up with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award, bestowed upon Catholic Colbert by Dirty Catholic.


Now I need to pass it on to five more Rocking’ Girl Bloggers, so here goes:

First, to the entire staff of the No Fact Zone, even if it’s more of a grown-up real website than a blog. (the gentlemen on the staff can consider themselves honorary RGBs. (In the tradition of You Are All Mrs. Colbert).

To Fair Amy, whose Open Book blog has a motherload of regular traffic. She may also be one of the original Girl Bloggers.

To Media Miss for her What Would Jesus Watch blog. She does a great job at thoughtful reviews of tv and movies.

To Julie at Happy Catholic, because no one can have too many awards.

Finally, to MeowHouse, who is known in the Colbert Nation as the keeper of the most extensive Colbert Report video archive ever.



  1. i agree – DC nominated me, as well, but i am on blogging hiatus and cannot accept my *award* – but honestly, you were one of my “pay it forwards…..”

    a reader, but not commenter,

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you for the plug! I’m sorry I didn’t see this until now – I just noticed the trackback on my site. I appreciate the compliment more than you will know! I hope to expand on sharing the Colbert video love shortly, in a collaboration with the indisputably wonderful No Fact Zone ( and their sister site at the soon-to-be-unveiled Colbert University ( Thanks again! -Meow House, Meow House Theatre

  3. You are too kind and I am too, too tardy! 🙂

    Here are my girl bloggers (few among the many rockin’ ones I read):’

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