Look Who’s Noticing Me Now

In the fine tradition of Stephen’s “Who’s @*&$%ing Me Now” here are some of the great links to Catholic Colbert since the site went live less than a month ago:

Ahhhhhh. More refreshing than a tall glass of Luzianne sweet tea. I have hit the ironic motherload.

In one convenient spot for all your clips and commentary…. [ecstatic editor’s note: even more than this, The WØRD has been accorded “Holy Blog of Obligation” status!]

Every once in a while, a really cool fan site comes along that brings a different angle to the whole Colbert fandom. And another one seems to have launched here recently that I really like…

I confess to being a shameless fan of Stephen Colbert. (I once said of him, “I worship the water he walks on.”) And now, there’s something new to feed my fixation.

Now, one-stop shopping for all your Stephen Colbert Catholic references

In which the ongoing comic genius of Stephen Colbert and his curiously subversive Catholic worldview is chronicled…

Have y’all discovered The Wørd: A Colbert Blog for Catholic It-Getters? All Colbert, all the time. It don’t get much better than that.

Someone has put together a blog with clips from the Colbert Report that have Catholic references. This is a daunting task, since Colbert (himself a Catholic) references his faith in some way, shape, or form about four times per show. I must warn my readers that this is a highly addictive blog to visit. Try not to be late for work.

There’s a great blog out there that links to his Catholic clips for those of you who can’t stay up til 11:30, 10:30, 9:30 or whatever. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and treat yourself to a good laugh.

And a huge thank-you to those who have added Catholic Colbert to your blogrolls. Some I’m aware of, some I’m not, but I’m grateful to all. I’m hoping while the show is on hiatus to have some time to work on the material I want to archive in the “pages” section. The current material alone (to say nothing of my job and my life!) has kept me hopping these last few weeks. I’m also working on a humble contribution to No Fact Zone’s “top-secret” new project in time for the July 16 launch. More on that in the fullness of time.



  1. Oooh, a theology course at CU!

  2. Greetings from the “top-secret project,” and congratulations, Diane! What wonderful feedback, and so soon after you began! It’s so well-deserved. As a non-Catholic, I always get new insights from your blog.

  3. Here’s the catch, Diane. How do you do the o with the crossbar? I look like such a rube linking to you with the Americanized version. 🙂

  4. For anyone else who’s wondering, on my Mac it’s option-o. On a pc, I think you have to insert a special character.

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