Science and Religion—Formidable Opponents?

Not for Stephen Colbert, although possibly for his stubbornly one-sided persona, whose ignorance is only exceeded by his arrogance. At Book Expo America this past Saturday, Colbert had this to say in response to a thoughtful question during the Q&A:

“I’m really interested in religion, I’m really interested in science. As someone who was raised by a mother who was a mystical Catholic and a father who was an immunologist, those things mix in me in a really interesting way, I think, and it’s a nice combination. It doesn’t make you immune to mysticism, unfortunately.”

I couldn’t resist using this for my inaugural post. It’s a theme that runs through many of his conversations with those who interview him out of character and it provides the foundation for his brilliant and often biting satire. Through the laughter, we find ourselves thinking about the issues he raises night after night.

Major tip of the hat to No Fact Zone for covering the run-up to Stephen’s appearance BEA. Their own correspondent WordsWithGrace asked the fine question at the breakfast.

Watch excerpts of the panel presentation here:

and the Q&A here. The relevant question is about the fourth one in.



  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Diane – glad that question inspired you! Your site looks beautiful.

    I don’t believe I’d ever heard him use the “mystical Catholic / immunologist” line before. That was a treat.

    I say the next time he does a big Q&A like this, we should all go armed with our thoughtful questions!

  2. @WWG, that was my thought exactly. It wasn’t the same thing I’d heard in other interviews. And the fact that it was just a spur of the moment kind of thing made it even more intriguing.

    Thanks for the kind words about the site. It’s still very much a work in progress, but the shows this week made me really want to get it out there. I can fill in the background as I go. I’m in the process of moving it to its own server so I can put up the video clips.

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